Styling London singer Mark Kingswood

It was a pleasure styling London singer Mark Kingswood for the launch of his album.

Who is Mark?

Mark Kingswood couldn’t hide it if he wanted to: music is his passion and his playground. As a singer , avid musician and producer , his love for Jazz, Big Bandand Pop shine through his evocative song writing. Inspired by musical icons like Frank Sinatra , Matt Monro and Tony Bennett , Mark’s music has a unique sound influenced by the likes of Michael Bublé , George Michael and Josh Groban. Backed by a live orchestra and paying tribute to different musical eras, Mark offers his own special flair to an enduring musical genre, making it accessible and relevant for a new generation of music lovers.

Styling: Patricia Trépanier
Photo and video production: ALEX PAILLON Photographe
Assistant: Ana Jovmir
Video: Victor Saliba
Artistic Director: Frederick Ouellet (Atelier La Niche)
MUA: Marc Desparois