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Publication: Metro News | By Stephanie Orford

Personal stylist: Wear your confidence

Like it or not, your image is key to attracting the right person, says Patricia Trépanier, a personal fashion stylist based in Montreal. “When you feel confident in your clothes, people start noticing you more,” says Trépanier. “It shows in your posture.”

She suggests wearing clothes that fit well and suit your physique, polishing your shoes (no square-toed shoes!) and staying away from logos, quotes or brand names. For men, err on the side of classy, and wear a blazer you can take off if you end up in a more casual setting.

And remember, your appearance is an indicator of your interests, values and habits. “If you neglect your personal image, it shows that you may also neglect other aspects of your life,” says Trépanier.