Patricia Trépanier

Personal fashion stylist

Personal Fashion Stylist Patricia Trepanier offers styling services to men who are looking to improve their personal style. Her services are beneficial to busy men who do not have time to shop, men who do not have the budget to make poor style purchases, or just simply need an expert’s opinion on what suits them best.

She also offers speciality styling services such as: Wedding Attire for grooms and groomsmen, and Gala or special events styling consultations.  Patricia always ensures that you get the best bang for your buck, and the best fit for your body type.

“Looking good and dressing well will improve ones confidence and allow more opportunities into their life. Remember, when it comes to first impressions, people generally do judge a book by it’s cover!
Whether it be in business or relationships, a well dressed man always has the advantage. I’m not here to drastically change men’s images, I take personal style and individuality into account when dressing my clients, unless they want that dramatic change, I can do that too…” Says Trépanier

She is a writer for Baxtton Magazine for Men and has been featured in various fashion publications. She has also styled numerous fashion Editorial and Advertising photo shoot.