We recommend the Wardrobe Analysis for a good hard look at your wardrobe. It offers sound advice on mixing and matching and helps you discover hidden treasures.

Sort: keep –  donate – recycle.

  • Brief analysis of your silhouette : Styles to choose or avoided this season.
  • Working your style: Flattering Combinations and the ones that do you no justice.
  • Recommendations for this season.

“It was great to have the morning with you Friday.  I came away encouraged and feeling that there was real value in what you did.  Life is now simpler and there is more potential coming out of my current wardrobe.  It was not too hard to put the ‘NO’ pile in the next room – I may have to hide an item from you before your next visit but I am sure you will forgive me.

Thanks again Patricia – you are good to work with – I  am very positive about this adventure.”

Counsellor, Consultant (66)

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